Add Ons

Mail Attachments 

A fully integrated documentation system, relays on 2 major components - 


Outlook attachments system - 


  • Attaches any mail item directly into Priority

  • Includes both entire mail and attachments

  • Build-in search mechanism




Mobile phones documents and signatures management system - 


  • Adds a customers Signature to any Priority document

  • Including GPS location services

  • Native application for every Android cellphone

Customers Questionnaires

This web based systems allows you to use the in house Questionnairs form in Priority

to conduct your own customer's surveies.


examples - 

  • Manage custmers Survey

  • Technical Check Lists

  • Field Protocols 

  • and more

Mail Purchase Approvals

  • Allows your users to approve purchase documents via email

  • No Priority login is needed

  • Supports documents attachments

Project Labor Reports

Reporting System for working hours and traveling reports. Ideal for field workers , accountants and every employee who reports working hours through project activities.


Project reports

  • All Labor items reported

  • Traveling time reported

  • GPS location services

Periodic reports