Field Service


A comprehensive tool for field technicians 

Provides a full- featured solution for effective management of field sale processes:


Service Call Management

  • Full management of service calls (dynamic BPM)

  • Technicians can immediately access previous service call history (Plug & Play).

  • Real-time information is displayed as pop-up notifications for technicians.

Field Service Inventory Management

  • Effective management of inventory in technicians’ vehicles.

  • Tracking of inventory stored in company warehouses including other technicians’ vehicles.

  • Support of on-site inventory transfer between technicians.


  • Receipt of goods straight from vendor to technician.

  • Management of on-the-go purchase demands for required parts.

Service Call Reporting

  • Report of parts used, labor, actual service provided vs planned

  • Report of malfunctions and repairs

  • Report of service call duration, incl. support of automatic reporting based on arrival and departure time.

  • Description of the repair (incl. photos), meter readings and more.


  • Service call summary reports and checklists.

  • Customer satisfaction surveys.

  • Customer signature of original system documents can be captured on touch screens and printed.

  • The service call location and the signed document are automatically stored as an attachment in the main system.

On-site Opening of Service Calls

  • Allows field technicians to open service calls anywhere, anytime












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Service Calls Management

The system supports a full service calls management from your Priority system. The information includes all of Priority business process, inventory definitions, serial numbers and more.

The system supports push notifications, purchase demands,  inventory display and even customized reports.

More features includes - 

  • A self openning of a service call

  • Full inventory control

  • Parts and S/N management

  • Damage reports and pictures

  • Customer Signatures including GPS locations

  • Map display