E-Commerce and Online Stores

SoftSolutions specializes in creating your online store, Directly into your Priority system.

Advantages are -  

  • No need for a back office nor for interfaces between the systems

  • Online feedback on every transaction

  • Users receive online notifications

  • High security and user management system within your Priority

  • Reports Generators


The system includes 3 main products - 

B2B - for your business customers, no need for any money collections


B2C - an online store including Customer payments 


Service Portals - for openning a service call directly into your system


Here are several Examples - 

B2C E-commerce Portal


  • An full on-line store 

  • Supports all Priority Pricing 

  • Support different payment methods

  • Can be also installed on Priority Zoom system





Limo B2C Demo Project

B2B E-commerce Portal


An on-line store for your business customers

  • Proposals

  • Item Catalogue

    • On-line Catalogue including pictures

    • Customer's Items support

    • Search by Item, Descriptions or Parameters

  • Fully supports Priority Pricing system

  • Online Reports for Customers

    • Transforming a proposal into an order

    • Updating an order

  • Build-in report generator

    • Supports Graphic reports

  • High Security 

  • Customer's Notifications 

  • Orders

  • Returns


Service Calls Portal 


  • Allows your customers to open service calls directly into Priority

  • Supports Customers sites, Serial Numbers and more

  • Reports